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Just a toy

Hello everyone!
I´m just a normal looking guy with a normal life. BUT: deep down i know that i am a sissy who just wants to be used and abused. I have some expierience but i realy need much more. 
I´m so happy that i finnaly found a community wich, and i strongly believe in that, will understand me.
I have fought against the desire to kneel infront of a real man for years, but i just cant stop it to come back again and again to the point where i say to myself: but i really need that.

I´m sure that i am not the only one here who has this kind of secret second life. I don´t have anybody in real life to talk about all that topic, so i will be really happy to find some friends here.

I wanted to upload a picture of myself in my profile, but i don´t know how to reduce the size of my picture. So i uploaded it on imgur if you want to take a look.

I´m looking forwart to explore this community a lot more and hope to find some like minded peaople. Soooo if you want to, feel free to contact me and lets talk about anything Smile
And i will be very happy if a real man found my profile here and text me Smile
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  • Greta

Very nice ass!
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  • SissyRookie

Hello and welcome to our community!
You look stunning! And I would definitely share you with my bulls!

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